Vietnam Awareness Camp for Indian Community – April 5th 2019

Friday, April 05, 2019
April 5th 2019
Event Details

INCHAM with the participation of Consulate General of India held "Life In Vietnam(Awareness/Info Sharing)"event which was attended by about 40 people on 5thApril 2019. This awareness was a reckoner for people living here and has relocated recently. Inaugural was done by Consular General of Ho Chi Minh City along with the Chairman INCHAM Mr.Ramesh Anand along with the presentation which was done by Vice Chairman – Mr.Munisha Gupta on General living who covered topics like Hospitals, Schools, Healthcare and Taxation prevailing in Vietnam. Mr.Ajay Panot, Member, Incham spoke about the Activities of INCHAM and its history. He also threw light on the fact that INCHAM is affiliated to the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry and have active relationships with around 20 others foreign chamber operating in Vietnam.  Vietnam’s Real Estate and the feasibility to own condominium in the form of 50 years leasehold ownership was highlighted by  Mr.K P Singh. 

The event was a very successful one with various information helpful to the inmates of Vietnam .

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