INCHAM Pharma Member Meeting

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
Saigon India Restaurant, 73 Mac Thi Buoi, District 1
28th March 2018. 4PM
Event Details

Key points discussed during the meeting:

1. Form a Pharma core group on urgent basis: suggested members 

Representing Incham 

1. Dilbagh Singh 

2. G.N Tiwari 

3. Radha Krishnan 

Pharma industry 

1. Rajeev Sharma 

2. Kailash Patki 

3. Pankaj Arora 

4. Abhishek 

5. Jiji George 

6. J.P 

7. Navendu 

2. Pharma core group members to  meet ambassador urgently to bring to his notice impact of draft circular on Indian Pharma industry : suggested timelines 9th-13th April 

3. Need well drafted and scripted letter to be send to MoH/DaV/Embassy of India /MOC India : as discussed we should include all key points and then take help of professional lawyer to draft a formal letter . 

4. Tie-up with other chambers who will be facing similar issues , key chambers to focus are Korean chamber , Thai chamber , Malaysian chamber , Indonesian chamber 

5. We should create a Pharma lobby fund in tune of 150 k , contributions will be on voluntary basis and this should go towards hiring professional lobbyists to highlight and lobby for issues related to Indian Pharma industry : timelines need to be defined 

6. Welfare activities : we should undertake healthcare related welfare activities to be managed by Pharma group n should be throughly conveyed to local n international media