VIFA Meeting

Wednesday, April 04, 2018
2.30PM, 4th April, 2018
Event Details

The purpose of the meeting is to discuss about cooperation between INCHAM and VIFA. Meeting took place with much information exchanged about interaction with INCHAM and VIFA Universities including Open University, Ho Chi Minh University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Saigon University, Ho Chi Minh University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology, University of Technology and Education. These universities include many faculties such as Biotechnology, Business Administration, Finance-Banking, Law, Information Technology, Foreign Languages, Electrical Engineering, Sociology.

The content of the meeting was discussed as below:

-         VIFA asked about the opportunity for university students to work for Indian company in Vietnam.

-         VIFA asked about the demands on labour recruitments of Indian company in Vietnam.

-         VIFA would like to invite INCHAM members to give speech with students of 5 universities above about career opportunity, internship and exchange programs.

VIFA suggested following agenda for a typical Career Fair at University:

  1. VIP Guest Speech
  2. Visiting booth that provides information about the company.
  3. Open House: Q&A time, Interaction between Company Representatives and Students

In order to achieve the objective and build a relevant answer to the cooperation with VIFA, INCHAM will help to:

-         Contact members for specific field and invite them to attend University Career Day.

-         Invite lecturer for management lesson for student.

-         Provide scholarships for student who has excellent performance.

INCHAM and VIFA expected to organize the very first Career Fair Day around September at Open University. Target: 200-300 students.

The meeting had been done at 3:30PM.