IPV Webinar: Angel Investing as an emerging lucrative Investment Option

IPV Webinar on Know more about Angel Investing as emerging investment Opportunity with incham by Ankur Mittal.

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Angel Investing as an emerging lucrative Investment Option

What is Angel Investing? Investments in Startups in known as Angel Investing. With the growing startup ecosystem, investors are keen to invest in innovative ideas. Angel Investing platforms help the investors support the startups with their capital, suggestions, and professional network.

Want to know more about Angel Investing?

Inflection Point Ventures invites you to a session on ‘Angel Investing: An Emerging Lucrative Investment Option’ by Ankur Mittal, Co-Founder, IPV.

Ankur Mittal is a Chartered Accountant and has over 20 years of global experience of working in Fortune 50 companies, startups, and investing. He has so far invested in more than 60 startups.

Join the insightful webinar and get to know more about this new Asset Class.

Date: 27th August 2021, Friday

Time: 3 – 4:30 pm Vietnam time (1:30 – 3 pm IST)

About IPV

Inflection Point Ventures is a premier early-to-mid stage angel investing group conceptualised to drive exponential value creation leveraging a diverse investor community with a carefully curated set of startups

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23 August, 2021

Time (VST)

3:00 pm - 4:30 pm


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